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Inner Bags for Blizzard Saddle Bags

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Robust, Single Layer Bags

A day in the dirt, rain or on a sandy slope leaves its mark on your blizzards! Of course, you don't want to remove your dirty blizzards from your motorcycle and take them with you to your tent or hotel room. For this reason we developed the inner bags for the Blizzards. 

They are made of an incredibly robust single-layer material, which has already proven itself in our isolation bags. Because the zipper runs around the entire bag, packing the bag is child's play and extremely convenient. The water-repellent zippers in combination with the welded construction allow you to take the inner pockets out of your blizzards even when it rains or to lay them on the wet floor without all your belongings getting wet. 

And so that you can simply pull the inner bags out of the Blizzards and carry them comfortably, they have a comfortable handle. If the inside pockets get dirty, you can easily clean them with water.



  • Handle for easy removal and transport of the bag
  • All-round zipper
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect fit
  • Very light and robust



Size M

volume 17 (2 x 8.5) liters
width 39 cm
height 35 cm
depth 12.5 cm
Weight 0.22 (2x 0.11) kg


Size L

volume 7 (2 x 8.5) liters
width 39 cm
height 35 cm
depth 18 cm
Weight 0.258 (2x 0.129) kg


Size XL

volume 34 (2 x 17) liters
width 44 cm
height 37 cm
depth 20.5 cm
Weight 0.292 (2x 0.146) kg