Engineered in Switzerland. Enjoyed around the world.

Necessity is the mother of invention


Enduristan was founded in 2008 in Switzerland by Christoph von Ow, Isabel Jenni and DavidJenni.  Like so many great ideas, Enduristan was born out ofnecessity.

While Davidand his wife Isabel were traveling through the Sahara years ago, theydiscovered how important quality luggage really was. At the time, there were nogood luggage options for adventure travel. So, they decided to team up withtheir friend Christoph von Ow and together they designed their first pieceof luggage, the Sandstorm Tankbag.

Needless tosay, the durable, waterproof design was very popular and word spread among theadventure bike community. Fast forward 12 years later and Enduristan has grownfrom a small boutique operation to one of the most well respected brands in theglobal ADV scene.


Today Enduristan designs and manufactures a complete range of high quality, high functionality, durable and super technical soft luggage.

Each piece of equipment is made for a purpose with high functionality, innovative details and the best possible quality, which is why every piece comes with a 5 year warranty.


The name Eduristan, as with all of their products, comes from the experience of being out on adventures. “Over here in Europe, the countries of the former Soviet Union such as Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan or Tajikistan are a primary destination for adventure bikers and overland travelers.

Offering stunning landscapes, friendly folks and enough enduro riding for a lifetime. So it was abit of a natural jump for us. Enduristan pretty much translates to; The perfect travel destination for enduro and adventure bike riders.”

It’s about the places, the people and the adventures that the Enduristan family of riders seekout.

Interview With Founder David Jenni

Watch this great video of Enduristan founder David Jenni as he talks about how the company got its start and what keeps him motivated.